About Me

Hi! I’m Dave and I hate waste.

I spent most of my life in Sydney driving forklifts then making websites and generally having quite a lot of fun without much responsibility or commitment. Then about 5 years ago, I moved out to rural NSW to spend some time with my lovely mother who was 80 at the time and living a somewhat isolated life. Sadly she died in 2016 but I feel so fortunate that I got to spend that time with her and help her when she needed it. Now I am excited by my new role as custodian of mum’s garden and the rest of the family property along with my older brother. I am driven to make this place as nice as mum always imagined.

I’m not much of a gardener, but I do enjoy fixing bits the animals regularly smash up and generally keep the place tidy how she liked it. If you are interested, I keep a lazily maintained blog of general goings on around the place.

There is unfortunately not much work out here and we are isolated by several kilometres of generally terrible dirt road. So I’ve been racking my brain for something I could do from out here which could benefit the environment in any small way. Thus the Thong Fixers were born. Read the brief history.

It will be a long and interesting journey to try and get the message out in Australia and find retailers and then again much more challenging trying to get them overseas, but I believe in the product and think good things can happen if your motivation is good and you’re willing to work hard. We’ll see how it goes.