Thong Fixers – a brief history

I got the idea (predictably enough) when one of my thongs kept pulling through. It happened once while I was trying to help unload a truck.

me: “*@(*#$*! Thongs are the worst
driver: “Yeah, they’re the worst, but they’re the best

True words. So I tried using a bread bag clip, but they kept breaking in half. I thought about what would work and came up with the first design and my brother made some out of an old milk container and plastic garden pots. They worked so good, I was really amazed. My old thongs were stronger than ever! I started to think everyone needs a pair of these.

I contacted about 50 manufacturers between prototypes and finished product; learned how to use CAD to make the models; did all the design and packaging; website; copy and photographs. Pretty much a one man show, with a lot of help from my brother and support of my friends.

Still, the hardest part was getting the holes just right in the packaging. It seemed so simple. It wasn’t. Still not totally sold on anything but my brother is working on a new contraption. Here’s just a few attempts.

Check out the awesome machine my brother made for punching the holes in the packaging.

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